Are you building a new home in Three Rivers, Texas, and looking at heating options? Or maybe you need to replace existing furnace. In either case, you need to know about today’s modern furnaces and which option will best meet your needs and keep your family warm this winter. Keep reading to learn about three types of furnaces you can choose from to heat your home.


Gas furnaces are the most common type of heating system installed in homes across the country. This type of furnace requires a connection to a municipal gas line and operates through central air ducts. As the gas heats the air, it travels through the ductwork into various rooms in your home. When compared to other types of furnaces, gas heating tends to be the most affordable, because natural gas is generally cheaper than oil and electricity.


If you don’t want to install a gas furnace — or you don’t have access to natural gas — you can always choose to go with an oil furnace. Oil furnaces are more commonly used in the northeastern part of the country. They require more frequent and extensive heater maintenance. While oil furnaces aren’t as energy-efficient as their gas-powered counterparts, they’re still an effective way of heating your home.


Another common type of furnace used in today’s homes runs on electricity. These systems use electric heating elements that warm the air and distribute it through the home’s ductwork. An electric furnace is typically inexpensive to purchase and is frequently much smaller than other types of furnaces. This is especially advantageous if you’re limited on the space you have available to install a furnace.

Choosing a heating system isn’t always easy and requires careful consideration. Luckily, Bodine-Scott specializes in a variety of heating and cooling services. Contact us today (361) 883-9900 for a home inspection and a consultation on the best furnace for your needs.

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