With the cost of living higher than ever because of inflation, homeowners in Corpus Christi, TX, are searching for quick ways to save. Considering the price of energy and how much your HVAC system accounts for your household’s monthly consumption, focusing on heating and air conditioning is a good place to start. But there are other things you can do, too. Read on to learn some of the simplest holiday season tips for saving energy and money at home.

Schedule a Home Energy Audit

Start by scheduling a home energy audit for your Corpus Christi, TX, home. By doing so, you’ll learn how much energy you’re using, where you’re wasting it and ways to improve efficiency. Your energy auditor will provide tips and home improvement recommendations for cutting your energy consumption without impacting your quality of life.

Upgrade to a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Do you still use a manual thermostat to adjust the temperature in your house? Rather than spend money on gifts this holiday season, invest in a smart thermostat to help you maximize every dollar you spend to heat and cool your home. Smart thermostats have many energy-saving features, including automatic adjustment controls, remote accessibility, energy usage reports and maintenance reminders. You’ll enjoy a high return on your investment in no time.

Use LED Lights This Holiday Season

If you’re still using old strands of incandescent lights to decorate your house for the holidays, it’s time to ditch these energy-wasting bulbs. Now’s the time to make the switch. Here are the benefits of using LED holiday lights:

  • Use less energy because they’re made with light-emitting diodes instead of filaments.
  • Safer to use because they don’t get hot like incandescent lights.
  • Last longer (50,000 hours), which is 50 times more than incandescent lights.
  • Eco-friendlier because they use less energy and last longer.
  • Manufacturing LED bulbs is gentler on the environment than most other bulbs.

Change Your HVAC Filter Monthly

Your HVAC system’s filter prevents particles from gathering on various components within it and recirculating in your house. As a result, you prevent dirt, dust and debris from inhibiting your HVAC system’s energy-efficient operation. What’s more, you reduce your risk of costly breakdowns and repairs. The added bonus is that you help to keep your indoor air quality at a healthy level. Remember to check your HVAC filter every month and change it as needed.

Seal Around Drafty Windows and Doors

Take a moment to walk around your house and check to ensure all the windows and doors have tight seals. Drafty windows and doors allow cold air to sneak inside while allowing warm indoor air to escape outside, making your HVAC system work hard to reach your desired temperature setting. Sealing these spots will help you save energy and money.

Use Your Ceiling Fans Correctly

Do you have ceiling fans in your home? Using them correctly can help to reduce your heating and cooling costs, and every dollar matters. In the summer, your ceiling fans should rotate in a counterclockwise direction. But during the holiday season and winter, they should turn in a clockwise direction. By doing so, they will draw the air in the room upward while pushing the warm air near the ceiling downward. As a result, you’ll reduce your reliance on your heater.

Do you want to spend less this holiday season by saving energy without sacrificing your comfort and quality of life? Let Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. perform a home energy audit and provide the best HVAC solutions to help you cut your energy consumption. We’re here to help with any heating installation, repair or maintenance needs you have this winter.

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