You can deal with many of the issues that fall on your Corpus Christi, Texas, home. You can handle a leaky window or a weak heater. However, plumbing problems are more difficult to handle, since they often result in flooding that damages your home. Prevent major plumbing problems from ruining your day with simple habits that care for your pipes and faucets.

Refrain From Dumping Grease

Kitchen grease is the bane of your plumbing. Don’t believe the myth that running the disposal while you pour grease down the sink will prevent the pipes from clogging.

Actually, kitchen grease hardens after it washes down the sink and cools. Instead of pouring grease down the drain, store it in a milk carton or other container until you can throw it in the garbage.

Use Drain Screens

No matter how often you seem to try and clean it, your bathroom sink and bathtub drains always seem to clog. Hair, makeup, soap residue, and other particles can cause backups and even flooding.

Buy a cheap drain screen, and place it over your sink and bathtub drains. These screens will catch hair and other particles. Once the screens are full, throw away the catch.

Stop Tightening the Faucets

It’s tempting to close faucets as tightly as you can to prevent a dripping sink. But don’t turn those faucet knobs too tight. If you turn them tighter than necessary, you may wear down the washer and cause a dangerous leak. Simply tighten faucets as much as it takes to keep water from flowing.

You never want to come home to a flooded room. Implement these simple habits to prevent plumbing problems. And when you need a plumbing repair, call Bodine-Scott at (361) 883-9900.

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