A blower door test is performed by an HVAC professional by mountingĀ a large fan to the home’s main entryway. As air is pulled out of the home, the interior air pressure will rise and HVAC professionals will use a variety of tools to locate air leaks. There are several ways that this test can improve the efficiency and comfort of your home, but here are a few key advantages to keep in mind.

Reduces Energy Usage

Locating and sealing air leaks is crucial to creating an energy efficient home. A blower door test can help any homeowner locate where conditioned air is escaping or where outside air may be seeping in. After sealing any leaks, homeowners can expect to save big bucks on cooling and heating bills since the A/C or heater’s workload is greatly reduced after sealing air leaks.

Balances Humidity

When cracks and fissures in your home’s infrastructure are repaired, rain or other forms of moisture are unable to seep into the home. An excess of moisture can cause humidity levels to rise to a point that could encourage the growth of mold and serve as an open invitation to pests. Achieving balanced humidity can drastically improve the indoor air quality and comfort of any home. With the help of a blower door test, locating and sealing air leaks is a much more simple task.

Improves Home Comfort

Indoor air quality can be drastically improved once air leaks have been sealed and your home’s ventilation system is working like new. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), along with viruses, bacteria and other unwanted contaminants, can easily find their way into any home that isn’t properly sealed. After sealing leaks found with the help of a blower door test, a home’s indoor air will become much healthier to breathe.

To learn more about having a blower door test done or to get a home energy evaluation, contact the experienced team at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. Serving Corpus Christi, Port Aransas, Rockport and other surrounding communities, our HVAC pros can help you achieve lower energy costs in no time.

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