It is quite common for a split-system air conditioner to have one component fail before the other. The outside unit often fails before the inside unit due to exposure to the elements year after year. When this happens, should just the outside unit be replaced or should both units be replaced? In most situations, it makes sense to replace both the outdoor and indoor AC units, and here’s why:

Matched Sets Are Meant to Work Together

Your split-system AC was designed and engineered to work as one cohesive unit, with inside and outside components working together. This ensures optimum efficiency and performance. While you may be able to match a new condenser/compressor with your old air handler, its operation will be compromised.

Take Advantage of Design Advances

If you upgrade to a new, matched air conditioner with both inside and outside units, you’ll get substantially improved performance and energy efficiency, as well as a quieter system. Just adding a new outside unit won’t deliver those benefits.

Enjoy Higher Efficiency

If you buy a new split-system AC rated with a high seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), you can be reasonably confident that your new system will achieve that cooling efficiency level. If you match a new condenser/compressor with an old evaporator/air handler, you almost assuredly won’t get the promised cooling efficiency of the new outside unit.

The Age Difference Is a Problem

If you replace the inside and outside units of your AC on different schedules, you will probably never have as good an outcome as with a matched system. If one of the components fails, it is likely the other one won’t be very far behind. Do yourself a favor and upgrade the entire system.

For many reasons, replacing your indoor and outdoor AC units at one time is the best decision. For help finding a new split-system AC or heat pump for your Corpus Christi area home, check out Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co.’s cooling solutions, or call us at (361) 883-9900 to schedule a service appointment.

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