If you want to keep your Kingsville, Texas, home as comfortable as possible, you need a quality HVAC system. Although there are several different options you can choose, a packaged HVAC system may be your best. Here are a few of the different types of packaged HVAC systems you can install in your home or business and their main benefits:

Electric Air Conditioner and Gas Heat

One of the most common types of packaged HVAC systems is known as a gas pack unit. It includes basically everything you would need to heat and cool your home or business. A gas pack unit comes equipped with a gas furnace, air conditioner and evaporator coil.

Installing a gas pack unit is a good choice for those looking for a combination of power and efficiency. Thanks to the gas furnace, you’ll have big heating power, and the air conditioner and evaporator coil can effectively cool your home. Gas package units are typically found in colder climates, which means they may not be the best option for Texas homeowners.

Heat Pump Package

A heat pump package unit is another type of HVAC package system. It’s a good choice in climates where extremely cold temperatures are uncommon. These units come with both an air handler and a heat pump and operate on electricity. Efficiency is the main benefit of a heat pump package unit. Because these units are essentially air conditioners with built-in heat, you’ll have no issue cooling or heating your home.

Air Conditioner Package Unit

In warm climates, an air conditioner package unit is one of the best packaged HVAC units you can install in your home or business. A packaged air conditioner is designed solely with cooling in mind. It includes all the components you would need to keep your home cool throughout the warmest months of the year.

If you choose a packaged air conditioner unit, you’ll also have the option of adding heating strips, which would allow you to heat your home if necessary. While heating strips can provide some heat, they wouldn’t be enough in cold climates. Therefore, you’ll usually only see these packaged units in climates where very low temperatures are uncommon.

Hybrid Units

In some situations, a hybrid unit, which is also commonly called a dual fuel package unit, can be a good option. You can use hybrid units almost anywhere. But they’re especially effective in locations where temperatures several degrees below freezing are common.

Dual fuel packaged units include both a gas furnace and a heat pump, which means they use two different energy types to heat and cool a home or office. When the outside temperature is mild, the heat pump will work to cool and heat the building. When the temperature drops to a certain level, the gas furnace will activate so that you have the heating power you need. Because hybrid units use both electricity and gas, they’re highly efficient. As a result, they’re a strong option for anyone who wants to lower their energy bills.

Benefits of All Packaged Systems

Whichever type of packaged system you decide is right for your home, you can receive a wide variety of benefits. Packaged systems are a lot easier to maintain because the heating and cooling unit will be in the same location. Service technicians will be able to complete repair and maintenance jobs quickly and effectively because they won’t have to go back and forth between individual units.

A packaged system can also save you a great deal of money. Packaged units don’t have to work as hard as traditional systems, which means they are much more efficient. As a result, they help you lower monthly energy bills.

If you’re interested in installing a packaged HVAC system in your home or business? Call Bodine-Scott today at (361) 883-9900. We can help you decide which type of packaged HVAC system is right for you and install it correctly.

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