During the hotter months, your heat pump absorbs heat from your living space and moves it to the outdoor environment. If your system cannot conduct this function efficiently, there’s an underlying issue. Find out below why your heat pump is heating your Corpus Christi, TX, home in cooling mode.

Faulty Reversing Valve

The refrigerant moves heat from the outdoor coil to the indoor coil during the colder months. When summer sets in, the refrigerant relays heat from the indoor coil to the outdoor coil. A unique component called a reversing valve enables the heat pump to conduct both functions by changing the direction of the refrigerant flow.

When this component malfunctions, it cannot alter the direction of the refrigerant flow. Consequently, the refrigerant continues to move heat from the outdoor coil to the indoor coil during summer rather than vice versa. A service technician can inspect your system and repair a faulty reversing valve.

Clogged Air Filter

A clean filter catches contaminants in your indoor air before they enter the heat pump for cooling, thus promoting good indoor air quality. Over time, these pollutants accumulate on the filter and interfere with the free flow of air.

Since your system cannot draw sufficient air for cooling, your house remains warm. Remember to get a new air filter every 30 to 60 days.

Incorrect Thermostat Settings

You may have set your thermostat to “Heat” instead of “Cool.” Consequently, the thermostat prompts the heat pump to continue heating your house.

You may have also used the wrong fan settings. Setting the fan to “On” keeps the fan running at all times. Therefore, if the heat pump isn’t running a cooling cycle, the fan will distribute warm air.

The ideal fan setting is “Auto.” This setting only prompts the fan to run when your system is running a cooling cycle, thus helping to distribute the cooled air.

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