Remember your life before having a smartphone? Remember flip phones and Blackberries? Actual keypads? Can you imagine going back to that era of disconnectivity and buttons? Smart technology and Wi-Fi connectivity have certainly made our lives more convenient and accessible. It’s helped us save many headaches and time, while arguably causing us to become a bit too connected to our devices.

Now that tech has come to your home in Corpus Christi, Texas, bringing with it the same benefits you’ve had because of your smart devices. Wi-Fi thermostats will take you to the next level of efficiency and convenience while continuing what every thermostat has always done: establish comfort. Just like there are a plethora of smartphones to choose from, the same goes for Wi-Fi (or smart) thermostats. Here are three of the best Wi-Fi thermostats currently available.

Carrier Wi-Fi Thermostat

One of the greatest features of any Wi-Fi thermostat is its capability to program specific temperatures for certain times of day, enabling you to keep your home a little warmer (and more efficient) while you’re away for a long day of work. The Carrier Wi-Fi thermostat allows you to program your thermostat for seven full days in advance. And with a connected mobile app and online control features, you can adjust temperatures from anywhere, or switch the system to a more energy efficient “Quick Save” mode.

The Online Runtime Tracking system displays when and how your energy is being used so you can adjust your lifestyle for more savings and greater comfort in the long run. The Carrier Wi-Fi thermostat works with many types and brands of HVAC systems, and in the winter,, it can work with your furnace or heat pump to save even more money with a Hybrid Heat system.

Cor Wi-Fi Thermostat

The top-of-the-line Cor Wi-Fi thermostat boasts the slogan: “The Heart of a Smarter Home,” and it certainly owns up to that. Since your HVAC system is the heart of comfort and energy efficiency in your living space, it’s only natural your smart thermostat would be the center of your smart home. The Cor Wi-Fi thermostat features a full-color touch screen that includes intuitive, on-screen prompts to make your heating and cooling quicker and easier. A local four-day forecast also makes it easier to maximize the programmable capabilities of the Wi-Fi thermostat.

In addition to the remote access common in smart thermostats, the Cor also provides detailed energy reports and a convenient system that allows you to make quick changes to your settings. But monitoring temperature and energy efficiency isn’t all the Cor thermostat does. Since indoor air quality is such a crucial aspect of your home, the Cor thermostat lets you choose between UV lamp, filter, or humidifier pad replacement reminders based on either a fixed schedule or according to runtime. If you have multiple comfort zones in your home, the Cor thermostat is compatible with three additional zones and thermostats.

Infinity Remote Access Touch Control

Not only can the Infinity Remote Access Touch Control watch over temperature and indoor air quality, but it can also manage humidity, ventilation, and airflow throughout your home. And where the Cor thermostat was only compatible with three different temperature zones, the Infinity thermostat is compatible with up to eight, each of which you can program with individual, personalized settings.

While it certainly includes all the other energy-use-tracking and programmable capabilities of other thermostats, the Infinity thermostat also comes with a Greenspeed intelligent system that ensures your HVAC system is cooling your home according to the load requirements of your living space. It’s an important factor that will lead to far greater comfort and much lower utility costs.

In the end, smart thermostats do just what smart technology was intended to do: save. No matter what thermostat you choose in the end, you’ll save money with greater energy efficiency, you’ll save your health with high indoor air quality, and you’ll save time with the easy-to-use, convenient features. To see firsthand the benefits of these smart thermostats on your air conditioning, call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning today at (361) 883-9900.

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