Balmy fall gives you the perfect time to take care of tasks around the house before winter. However, many homeowners don’t think about HVAC maintenance. Your furnace has probably been dormant for over six months, and your air conditioner is ready to take a few months off. If your systems are outdated or aging, they won’t run at maximum efficiency, regardless of what you’ve done to maintain them. The more favorable weather conditions make fall the ideal season to take some air conditioning down time as you install your new HVAC upgrade in your Corpus Christi, Texas, home.

Save Money on Energy Bills

There’s no denying that a new HVAC system is a huge financial investment. You have to buy a new furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump, as well as pay for the installation. However, this isn’t a sunken cost. When you get new HVAC components, you’ll find that they’re much more energy-efficient than products made even a decade ago. To get even more energy savings, look for an HVAC system with the Energy Star logo, as these units produce top-notch results without any added waste.

Lower Maintenance Costs

According to 2016 statistics, homeowners spend an average of $315 for each air conditioner repair, yet these costs can balloon to over $900 for units that are old or in disrepair. When you install a new unit, you only have to maintain the unit to keep it working efficiently and protect your investment. These tuneups are far less expensive than repairs, and you only need to get one annually for your heating and cooling systems.

Improve Air Quality

Although your HVAC system’s primary duty is to heat and cool your home, it also plays a pivotal role in indoor air quality. HVAC systems accomplish this by regulating humidity, providing adequate ventilation, and filtering harmful contaminants out of the air. You spend a majority of your life inside, and healthy air prevents illness and allergies.

If you’ve decided that a new HVAC system is perfect for your home, it’s time to call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Company for all your installation and maintenance needs. Give us a call today at (361) 883-9900 for more information.

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