Busy homeowners can sometimes overlook common air-conditioning issues, which can lead to extensive repairs. When summer heats up in Corpus Christi, Texas, being vigilant can keep you cool and prevent costly repairs. Fortunately, it is not difficult to spot signs that your air conditioner is in need of professional maintenance, and it is very important that you pay attention and take action.

Unusual Odors

Strange smells coming from your vents could have a variety of causes including the waste or decay of small animals. Musty odors can be the result of mold growth in the ductwork, and mold can present serious problems. Call a professional immediately if any odor seems electrical in origin.

Poor Airflow

Poor airflow could be the result of several factors including improper AC installation, leaky ducts, or dirty filters. Poor airflow makes it difficult to effectively cool or heat your home. The efficiency of your air conditioner is also reduced, which in turn increases energy consumption.

Moisture Around the System

If you see water around the inside component of your unit it is best to turn it off to prevent damage to electrical components. There are several reasons for moisture or water around your air conditioner including the unit’s drain tube being broken or blocked, refrigerant leak or low refrigerant, faulty installation of the condensate trap, or a dirty air filter. To be certain, it is best to contact a, professional as soon as possible to avoid additional problems such as damage to the system, or mold growth.

Strange Sounds

Old or failing air conditioners tend to make noises. Rattling or banging sounds in new air conditioners could indicate that something has come loose. Whether your air conditioner is new or old, it is important to have any unusual noises investigated right away to prevent further damage to the system or even a fire. The remedy could be as simple as tightening or lubricating a part, to a more expensive system replacement.

Routine maintenance is generally an effective way to prevent these kinds of problems. If your air conditioner is showing signs of wear and tear, call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. at (361) 883-9900 for fast and effective solutions. We also provide modern and highly efficient systems if you need to have your air conditioner replaced.

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