Having a high efficiency air conditioner represents the first step in cutting high cooling bills during our long, hot summers, and keeping it running at peak performance requires attention from you and an HVAC professional. Cooling systems earn their high efficiency ratings in a tightly controlled environment, hard to replicate when the system is installed in a home. 

These tips will help you match the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating promised by the manufacturer:

1. Check the air filters once a month. The air filters for the air handler are your first defense against rising cooling costs. When too much dust collects on the filter, the airflow slows through the system. It takes longer for the cooling system to match the thermostat’s settings, which means that it runs longer, increasing energy bills and wearing the parts.

2. Keep the outdoor condenser clean. The condenser houses the condensing coils through which the hot refrigerant circulates to cool. The large fan in the condenser pulls outdoor air through the coils and when they’re covered with dust, the cooling process slows. The compressor inside the condenser has to work harder, driving up energy bills. Keeping the area around the condenser free from vegetation also speeds the cooling process.

Annual maintenance from a licensed HVAC specialist will help keep your high efficiency air conditioner running at its best. These are some of the critical steps that the technician will execute to improve system operation:

3. Measuring the airflow through the air handler and ductwork. Inadequate airflow could indicate ductwork leaks that send conditioned air to places where it’s not needed, not only driving up cooling costs, but also degrading indoor air quality.

4. Checking refrigerant pressure. These systems require a fairly precise amount of refrigerant for optimal operation.

5. Inspecting thoroughly. Cleaning, adjusting and lubricating the parts improve system efficiency and making sure the thermostat operates properly ensures your comfort.

If you’d like to learn more about maintaining your high efficiency air conditioner, contact Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. We’ve provided outstanding HVAC services for the Corpus Christi region since 1961. 

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