Although winter and summer are the seasons when you spend the most money on heating and cooling, you should still watch your energy bills during the rest of the year. Without proper monitoring, bills can easily spiral out of control. If you’re looking to save some money on energy bills in your Portland, Texas, home this fall, follow these simple tips.

Change Your Air Filter

It seems counterintuitive to spend money when you’re looking to cut your energy bills, but purchasing a new air filter is an inexpensive way to improve HVAC efficiency. Air filters are responsible for keeping allergens and contaminants out of your home. However, when these filters become clogged, it causes your HVAC system to work harder to produce the same results. That’s why changing your filter is so important. Not only does it improve your indoor air quality, but it also reduces the workload on your HVAC system. This translates to lower energy bills and fewer maintenance calls throughout fall and the rest of the year.

Get a Furnace or Heat Pump Tuneup

Another small expenditure that translates to big savings is a tuneup for your furnace or heat pump. Your furnace has not been in use for several months. Problems may arise as a result of this period of dormancy, causing your furnace to suffer inefficiencies that can even be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to get a tuneup. Not only will your furnace function at its highest level of efficiency, but our technicians will also provide valuable tips for getting the most from your system.

If you have a heat pump, tuneups are vital because these devices have twice the workload of conventional HVAC systems. Not only do they heat, but they also cool the home. Without proper checkups, the heat pump can lose its efficient edge, giving you higher energy bills in the process.

Grab the Caulking Gun

As temperatures drop during fall, you may notice drafts coming from doors and windows. Because you notice these drafts, it’s easier to identify the source. Once you’ve pinpointed just where the draft is coming from, it’s time to grab a caulking gun and seal any leaks or cracks in the trim. Caulk comes in several colors, so it’s easy to match to the color of the wood, paint, or vinyl. If you can’t find a matching color, paint over the caulk for the desired effect.

When you seal these cracks, it’s an important step in preserving your home’s comfort level and saving money at the same time. It prevents warm air from leaving the home and cool air from entering.

Add Some Insulation to Your Attic

Although most air escapes through doors and windows, a substantial amount leaves the home through the attic. That’s why it’s important to have adequate insulation. Most homes come with at least some attic insulation. Your HVAC technician can check to determine if you have the right amount of insulation, the right type, and that it is in good condition. If you need more, consider adding rolls of fiberglass insulation or even loose-fill cellulose. Just remember that having some insulation is better than having none at all, so find something that works for your budget.

Set Your Thermostat

If you have an old thermostat, it probably only has a heating or cooling setting. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with that, it’s extraordinarily inefficient. You can’t adjust settings on the fly, and you can’t set a program to run throughout the week. If this describes your current thermostat situation, it’s probably time to spring for a smart thermostat.

When you purchase a smart thermostat, you have a device that learns your particular habits and adjusts your home’s temperature accordingly. In addition, modern thermostats have WiFi capabilities that let you change the temperature from anywhere in the world. All this adds up to great savings and a home that’s always the perfect temperature.

This fall, don’t spend extra money on energy bills when you can avoid it. If you need someone to help you along the way or provide a tuneup, give Bodine-Scott a call at (361) 883-9900. With our top-notch service team, you’ll never be left out in the cold.

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