Many new homes in Corpus Christi, Texas, are tightly sealed to increase energy efficiency. Unfortunately, because of this, they also have poor ventilation. The air inside your home is likely more polluted than the air outside. An energy recovery ventilator removes stale air without wasting energy. You can also use an exhaust fan or open a window or door, too. Read on to learn the benefits of good ventilation.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

An exhaust fan in your bathroom or kitchen will help eliminate smells from cooking and other daily activities. You can also remove excess moisture that can make your home uncomfortable and encourage pests and biological growth.

Most ventilation systems include filters that filter incoming air to make it fresh and safe. Good ventilation also removes volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde, benzene, acetone, toluene and xylene. These VOCs evaporate at room temperature, and they’re common in air fresheners, cleaning products and paints. They can cause headaches, fatigue, sinus problems, dizziness and other health problems.

Enhance Overall Comfort

Removing excess moisture will keep your home from feeling hot and uncomfortable. That’s why running exhaust fans while showering or cooking is so important. You’ll reduce the risk of microbial growth, and you’ll safeguard your family’s health and comfort.

Increase Energy Efficiency

Energy recovery ventilators work like heat pumps. While they remove stale air, they transfer heat out of your home in summer and into your it in winter. That way, you can get fresh air without wasting energy or raising your utility bills. A ventilation system can also lower your home’s humidity, reducing your reliance on your air conditioner and extending its lifespan.

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