Bodine-Scott air Conditioning Co.From the first use of wind power by sailing vessels before recorded history to modern wind turbine farms stretching across America’s heartland, the wind represents one of the best sources of renewable energy available for human use. Our location in the Corpus Christi area is ideally suited for capturing wind energy blowing in from the Gulf. Home and ranch owners can take advantage of wind energy to provide a big portion of their electricity needs.

Advantages of Wind Energy

Advantages of wind energy range from big-picture environmental factors down to the practical benefits of having a low-cost, reliable power source in your own back yard. Here are some things to consider as you plan the best way to power your home’s heating, cooling and lighting systems:

  • Low cost – Recent advances in wind turbine design and manufacturing technology have reduced the overall cost of wind power so that it’s competitive with other energy sources.
  • Reliability – The wind blows along the Gulf Coast almost every day of the year, but even on calm days, a wind-powered home that’s integrated with the electric grid can draw power from other sources for a seamless electric supply.
  • Increased home value – Renewable energy systems increase a home’s resale value. This value increase will become more dramatic when the current slump in worldwide energy markets gives way to a new era of rising fossil fuel prices.
  • Domestic power supply – Electricity from the wind comes from a completely domestic energy source, often using equipment manufactured by American workers.
  • Reduced carbon footprint – Once the equipment is in place, electric generation from the wind doesn’t produce any carbon emissions.
  • Reduced water consumption – Unlike coal, natural gas or nuclear power plants, which require tremendous amounts of water for cooling purposes, wind turbines don’t use any water.

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