During the hydro jetting process, plumbers inject high-pressure streams of water into pipes with hoses and other equipment. The process clears blockages while cleaning the pipes. Here are five benefits you can expect when you use hydro jetting services for your dirty or clogged plumbing in Corpus Christi, TX.

Thorough Pipe Cleaning

The pressurized water stream effectively breaks up different types of clogs. Clean pipes allow your plumbing system to work better because many drainage problems stem from buildup. The pressurized water cleans away unwanted material and helps prevent issues in the future.


Hydro jetting services prevent plumbing problems from recurring and becoming bigger issues. You can save money by not needing to break drywall or open pipes. Our service technicians will check pipes with a camera to spot other issues early before they become costly.

Environmentally Friendly

The only ingredient of our hydro jetting services is water. There are no harsh chemicals that may contaminate groundwater or soil. It can prevent impacts on local ecosystems by avoiding major sewer line failures.

Quicker and More Sanitary

Unclogging a pipe is never a clean job, but our service technicians can handle removing the waste from your plumbing system. Sanitation is important because traditional plumbing risks debris and sewage contacting us. Our hydro jetting services are quicker when dealing with clogs, which gives our service technicians less contact with sewage.


Hydro jetting works for all plumbing system sizes, residential or commercial. Snaking a pipe can’t fix complex clogs such as sludge or grease build-up. It can work with a variety of pipes, including steel, cement and clay.

The highly pressurized water prevents grime from building up and makes it possible for you to clean the pipes less often. It’s a proactive solution to keep small clogs from becoming more expensive. If you or a neighbor need our hydro jetting services, call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co.

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