HVAC systems are one of the hardest working appliances in our homes. As such, upgrading yours can help boost home equity. But with so many ways to modify your system, it might be hard to determine what will give you the best value. Read on to discover how these four HVAC upgrades can raise your home’s value in Beeville, TX:

Upgrade to a Ductless Mini-Split System

One of the HVAC system upgrades you should consider is a ductless mini-split. Mini-split systems are versatile and easy to install. They also have a compact assembly that complements the interior design of modern homes.

The principal advantage of ductless mini-split systems is the absence of ductwork. According to the US Department of Energy, central air systems often lose conditioned air through the air ducts. Statistics indicate you could be wasting up to 30% of the energy in your home through defective ductwork.

Mini-split systems are ideal for extending your HVAC system to an unconditioned room in your home. The installation will only require a 3-inch conduit to connect the indoor and outdoor units.

The conduit can vary in length depending on your needs. That means service technicians can choose a more suitable location for the outdoor unit to minimize noise.

Implement a Zoning HVAC System

Another way to boost your home value is to consider zoning areas of your house. The goal of zoning systems is to attain comfortable temperatures across the building.

Most households have varying temperature requirements for different rooms. For example, storage spaces may not require as much cooling as the living room. Zoning systems can channel airflow to unused rooms, reducing the cooling load for your AC system.

Traditionally, a zoning system would require control dampers to regulate airflow through the air ducts. Some zoning systems may involve using multiple thermostats for each zone.

However, service technicians recommend ductless mini-split systems for zoning your Beeville home. If you want to extend cooling for a home addition, a ductless AC can boost your home’s equity.

HVAC Upgrades to Enhance Indoor Air Quality

Whether you live in an old family home or an apartment, your home could be prone to indoor pollution. You can install indoor air quality solutions such as air cleaners and UV lights to prevent the spread of contaminants.

In Bee County, relative humidity levels can exceed 80% in the summer. The high humidity levels in your Beeville home can encourage the spread of biological contaminants. A UV light installation can minimize the risk of microbial pollution, keeping your family safe from respiratory complications.

The pollutants in your home could also be from activities such as painting. Paint thinners release volatile organic compounds, which are often highly toxic. Consider installing an indoor air monitor if you suspect pollution from VOCs.

Before installing an air cleaner, our service technicins will analyze the air circulation rate and the strength of the pollutant source. Some air cleaners can eliminate unpleasant odors, while others can capture particulate matter. Therefore, working with an experienced professional is the best option when you want an upgrade to boost your home’s equity.

Install a Smart Thermostat

Your thermostat serves as the main control center for your HVAC system. The device signals your system to start cooling, depending on your settings. Since smart thermostats are more precise than traditional devices, they boost your cooling system’s performance.

Thanks to the popularity of home automation systems, a smart thermostat makes for a compelling selling point. One report attributes it to the rising demand for energy-efficient devices. The study predicts the rapid adaption of smart thermostats in the next five years.

If you’re not sure which upgrades are the best for your home, consider consulting our home comfort specialists. You can rely on the NATE-certified service technicians at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. for quality HVAC system solutions in Beeville.

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