Whether you need to lower your utility bills or want to explore an alternative energy source for your home, wind could be the answer you are looking for in your Mathis, Texas, home. Find out how a wind energy system works and how this smart choice could be of benefit to you.

Wind Energy System Basics

Essentially, a wind system converts energy into electricity that can power everything in your home. Most home systems rely on one or more turbines. The wind spins the blades of the turbines, and the wind’s kinetic energy powers an attached generator. Bodine-Scott’s wind energy systems integrate with your existing electric grid, making it easy to switch to this alternative power source.

Generate Eco-Friendly Energy

One of the greatest benefits of a home wind system is that it generates eco-friendly energy. This is important for reducing your environmental impact and for helping to reduce your skyrocketing utility bills. The Department of Energy estimates that the average small wind system lowers a household’s electricity bills by up to 90 percent. Such a difference makes it worthwhile to consider these systems for your home.

Get by With Minimal Upkeep

It might sound like a challenge to get a wind energy system up and running, but our technicians make installation feel like a breeze. Work with us to choose the system that works best for your home, and rest easy knowing that your system will last for 20 years or more. We recommend occasional preventive maintenance to keep the system running smoothly for decades.

Depend on a Reliable Energy Source

Texas homeowners are not strangers to power outages, especially if they rely on the grid. When you purchase a wind system, however, you can depend on it to provide power, even when outages last for days. That means you can retire those old generators and set worry aside, even during severe weather.

Does it sound like a wind energy system would be an ideal fit for your home? Call the energy experts at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. at (361) 883-9900 to set up a consultation.

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