They may not suck your blood, but they sure will suck your bank account dry if you don’t watch out for them. We’re talking about energy vampires – those pesky household appliances and devices that use a small amount of energy whether they’re in use or not. Today, we’ll learn about these devices and how you can avoid higher energy bills in your Coastal Bend home.

energy vampires

The Truth About Energy Vampires

Even though there is plenty information available to the contrary, most homeowners believe that when you turn off an electronic device or appliance, the energy being used at that point is zero. On the surface, this completely makes sense. But in actuality, many devices – even when they’re powered down – do use a small amount of energy.

Televisions are the biggest contributors to this constant use of wasted energy. They can sometimes use as much as 12 watts of power when turned off. Your computer is the second biggest energy vampire, with peripheral components such as your printer being next in line. Other devices include the charging plug for your cellphone, video game consoles, coffee makers, and much more.

How to Prevent Energy Waste

Although you’re likely to become the unwilling victim of an energy vampire from time to time, it’s possible to keep them under control. Here’s what we suggest:

  • Use a surge protector – These units allow you to plug several components into one location. Turn off the surge protector and the components will no longer use energy.
  • Unplug bricks and chargers – Any components that use a wall charger or “brick” in the middle of the cord will definitely waste energy.
  • Choose energy-saving components – Many electronic devices have an energy-saving mode. While this mode of operation will still draw a small amount of power when it’s in use, the amount used will definitely be lower.

For more expert advice about energy vampires, or for any questions related to home comfort, please contact the professionals at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. We’ve been serving the needs of Corpus Christi, Portland, Kingsville and the surrounding area since 1961.

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