Even in warm Corpus Christi, Texas, many days in winter will feel chilly. You can stay comfortable by maintaining your heater before you have to start using it regularly. That way, you can find any problems and have them fixed before they start wasting energy or impacting your comfort. You should change your air filter regularly, maintain your outdoor unit, and have your HVAC system checked by an expert.

Change Your HVAC Air Filter

An air filter that’s dirty or clogged can restrict the airflow in your ductwork. As a result, it’ll force your HVAC system to stay on and use more power to keep you comfortable. It can also spread contaminants like dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander instead of catching them. This reduces the indoor air quality in your home, and it can cause sinus problems, eye irritation, rashes, nosebleeds, sore throats and other symptoms. Pollutants can also make inconvenient, costly breakdowns more likely. To prevent these issues, change your air filter at least every three months.

Maintain Your Outdoor Unit

Whether you use a heat pump or a separate heater and air conditioner, you’ll need to care for your system all year. Don’t forget to check on your outdoor unit in winter. Trim away nearby tree branches or bushes to maximize your system’s airflow and prevent damage during storms. Also, rinse off leaves, grass clippings or other debris that might collect on the top of your unit. As a result, your unit will work more effectively.

Schedule an Expert Inspection

You can make sure that your family doesn’t get stuck without a heater by scheduling an expert inspection. With proper HVAC maintenance, you can reduce your repair costs and extend your heater’s life. You’ll also save up to 15 percent on your monthly energy bills.

Bodine-Scott is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with more than 55 years of heating and cooling experience. We can help you maintain your heater and a variety of other HVAC equipment. Call us anytime at (361) 883-9900 for expert, friendly service.

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