Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. Furnace RepairIf there’s noise coming from your ductwork, you may think of it as an unwelcome distraction. But while some kinds of duct and furnace noise may merely be annoying, others can indicate something seriously wrong with your heating system.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what certain noises might mean, and whether or not you should consider calling an HVAC professional:

  • A popping or a whistling noise, especially just after you’ve had ducts cleaned, may indicate that the walls of your ductwork are flexing as the pressure inside the ducts changes. You’ll likely hear the pops soon after the fan from the central air engages or disengages. This isn’t generally serious, but if you want to get rid of the noise, you might consider upgrading to square or, even better, circular ducts.
  • If you hear a boom or a single loud pop soon after the gas furnace engages, it’s possible you have a delayed ignition problem in the furnace. This means that gas builds up in the ignition chamber for some time before it combusts, leading to a small explosion. If you notice this within 30 seconds to a few minutes after turning on the furnace, call an HVAC professional¬†immediately.
  • A rattling noise echoing through the ducts can point to a blower fan that’s damaged or out of alignment. When the central heat is off, inspect the fan to make sure that its blades are clean, unobstructed and unbent.
  • A whistling or a hissing noise may indicate a leak in the ductwork. If you can isolate the source of the sound, you can look for a pattern of blown dust that might indicate the exact location of the leak. If not, you may want to have the ducts professionally inspected.

To learn more about repairs and troubleshooting your Corpus Christi home heating system , contact us today at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co.

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