Most HVAC systems last for about 15 years, and they can cost thousands of dollars to replace in Kingsville, Texas. Their efficiency decreases with age as well, raising your home’s utility bills. Fortunately, you can extend the life of your air conditioner by following these three tips:

Schedule Regular AC Maintenance

A professional should inspect AC system inspected at least once per year to avoid high utility bills and poor indoor air quality. These seemingly minor issues will worsen without repairs. They can even force you to replace your system.

To prevent contaminants from causing damage, change your HVAC system’s air filter at least every three months. Keep debris like leaves and grass clippings away from your outdoor unit. These are two HVAC maintenance tasks every homeowner can perform on their own.

Upgrade to a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat can automatically adjust the temperature in your home depending on whether you’re at home, asleep or away. As a result, it can help you lower your utility bills. Using your HVAC system less also increases its lifespan.

Many programmable thermostats can connect to your computer or smartphone, letting you make changes from anywhere and receive detailed updates about your air conditioner.

Improve Your Home’s Insulation

Insulation keeps cool air inside your home and helps you prevent problems from outdoor contaminants. Like a programmable thermostat, proper insulation enables you to save energy and avoid breakdowns.

Add weather stripping around doors and windows, and place caulk around power outlets. Have a professional check your attic or basement for leaks, gaps, or biological growth in your insulation. The faster you repair those issues, the better for your AC system’s life.

Bodine-Scott has more than 55 years of air conditioning experience. We’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, and we can help you keep your system in peak condition or choose a new one. Call us anytime at (361) 883-9900 for expert, friendly service.

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