Despite your best efforts to reduce energy waste in your Corpus Christi, Texas, home, your utility costs continue to climb. It may take a professional hand to identify the cause of your falling energy efficiency. Schedule a professional home energy audit. As a result, you’ll be able to target the sources of energy waste in your home.

What’s a Home Energy Audit?

A home energy audit examines the energy efficiency of your home by looking for areas of energy loss throughout your living space. There are two types of energy audits: a do-it-yourself audit and a professional audit.

A do-it-yourself audit involves checking for areas of energy loss around your home on your own. Are there air leaks around windows and doors? Could any of your habits be contributing to energy loss? Answering these questions is a good start for determining your home’s energy efficiency.

A do-it-yourself energy audit is a good place to begin. But only a professional energy audit will be able to identify the specific areas where you’re losing energy and what you can do to improve efficiency. During an energy audit, one of our certified service technicians will inspect your home for any air leaks using a blower door test, a thermographic inspection and more. We’ll also evaluate your past utility bills to help identify mechanical problems as well as cooling habits that may be reducing your energy efficiency.

How Does It Improve Energy Efficiency?

Energy audits help you isolate areas in your home or lifestyle that are contributing to higher utility bills. For example, by assessing how airtight your living space is, an energy audit can help you keep air within your home. As a result, it’ll reduce strain on your HVAC system and make it more effective at maintaining comfort in your home. Home energy audits will also improve energy efficiency by helping you develop a more energy-efficient lifestyle.

Improve your energy efficiency to enjoy lower utility costs and improved comfort. To schedule your professional energy audit, call Bodine-Scott at (361) 883-9900. We’re here to help you save energy, money and the environment

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