Though it’s been years since Corpus Christi has taken a direct hit from a hurricane, as another storm season begins wise homeowners start thinking about hurricane season preparations. The 2013 hurricane season is predicted to be an active one in the Gulf of Mexico so taking steps to make provisions for the unknown makes good sense. The most important part of hurricane season preparations are the most basic:

  • Keep a supply of plywood and masking tape on hand to cover windows and doors.
  • Store emergency food and water, flashlight and batteries, radio and first aid supplies. 
  • Make sure you have adequate amounts of any prescription drugs to cover for a period when they may be unavailable.
  • Get a copy of the city’s recommended evacuation routes and keep it handy.
  • Make provisions of emergency food and water for pets, including carriers to transport them if you have to leave.

Special consideration should also be given to your air conditioning equipment, which will also have to weather the storm even if you and your family evacuate:

  • If your programmable thermostat has battery backup, make sure fresh batteries are installed so you won’t lose settings in a power failure.
  • Make sure the outdoor unit of a central A/C system is securely anchored to its mounting. Cover the unit with a secured tarp or plywood.
  • Clear away any loose objects such as lawn furniture or outdoor toys so they do not strike the A/C unit in high winds.
  • Unplug window air conditioners in advance of the storm. 
  • Turn off the central air conditioner both at the thermostat and at the circuit breaker. 
  • After the storm has passed, inspect the outside unit for any visible damage or flooding before you turn the power back on. If any damage is noted or suspected, leave the power off and ask your HVAC contractor to handle restarting the unit.

Since 1961, Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning has served Corpus Christi through all weather and all seasons. Contact us for more information about hurricane season preparations to safeguard your home and HVAC equipment this year.

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