Studies show that most Corpus Christi office managers take care of their HVAC only when something goes wrong. If your equipment hasn’t been maintained in the last year, it’s time to schedule service. If you answer yes to the three questions listed below, equipment servicing in your office may be long overdue. However, by adopting a preventive approach, you can turn the tables and come out a winner.

Do You Have High Equipment Operating Costs?

Tuneups prepare heating and cooling systems for high performance and reduce operational costs like emergency repairs and equipment replacements. According to the Whole Building Design Guide, systems operating in high-performance mode can reduce energy usage by up to 40 percent and unexpected breakdowns by up to 95 percent.

Do Your Heating and Cooling Systems Have Short Lifespans?

Heating and cooling systems are like automobiles: Skimping on service drastically reduces life expectancy. The biggest enemy of heating and AC systems is the thick coating of grunge that collects after a typical year of operation. This muck can clog up your equipment so severely that it has to work twice as hard and twice as long to generate the desired comfort levels. Energy costs escalate, comfort is reduced, and repairs are so frequent that early equipment retirement becomes inevitable.

Does Your Office Have Poor Indoor Air Quality?

All that grit collecting on your equipment does more than just ruin your heating and cooling systems. It also contaminates the air in your office. That puts employees and customers at risk for sick building syndrome (SBS), a condition caused by high concentrations of contaminated indoor air. Annual equipment cleaning reduces the potential for SBS significantly.

Preventive maintenance makes good business sense. To keep your office healthy and your business profitable, check out the Smart 1 Agreement offered by Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning or call (361) 883-9900 for information about commercial equipment service plans.

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