Too much humidity makes you feel uncomfortable. When the humidity in your Corpus Christi, TX, home exceeds 50%, the risk of microbial growth increases. That could lead to bad odors, poor indoor air quality, breathing problems and health issues. Let’s take a look at the importance and benefits of having a dehumidifier in your home.

Reduce Allergens

Microbial will only grow if it has the right conditions. Those conditions include organic material to anchor themselves onto, humidity and oxygen. As microbial grows, it spreads. Inhaling the particles from microbial growth irritates your breathing passages and may trigger allergies or asthma. Dust mites also reproduce quickly in humid homes. Using a dehumidifier eliminates the conditions that microbial and dust mites need to thrive.

Feel More Comfortable

When your home’s humidity level surpasses 50%, your skin starts to feel sticky or clammy. Your body can’t sweat, and you’ll begin to feel uncomfortable. Your skin may stick to plastic and wood furniture, causing you pain when you move. You may even find the humid air difficult to breathe.

Dehumidifiers pull the excess moisture out of your home’s air and drain it into the wastewater system. Today’s newest dehumidifiers are highly efficient.

Protect Your Investment

High indoor humidity levels create ideal conditions for pests. Damp paper, cardboard and other materials provide an ideal source of nutrition and nesting material for many pests. Your home could become a haven for ants, spiders, termites and other vermin that bite or sting people or cause structural damage to wood, drywall and foundations. Using a dehumidifier helps you protect your treasured belongings and your home. As a result, you prevent significant personal distress and property damage.

Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. has all the indoor air quality services you need to enhance comfort and lead a healthier life inside your home. Contact us today to learn about our whole-home dehumidifiers or to schedule another essential HVAC service.

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