Most people don’t realize how easy it is to improve plumbing efficiency in their Corpus-Christi, Texas, home. With small improvements and other investments, you can make your home greener and save money on your monthly water bills every month.

Install “Low-Flow” Upgrades

Make your plumbing more efficient by installing “low-flow” upgrades for your toilets, faucets and shower heads throughout your home. These types of updates limit the amount of water that each one uses.

Consider dual-flush toilets to save water, which control how much you use for different flushes. Low-flow faucets and shower heads also reduce the amount of water that drains without you feeling that much of difference. 

Upgrade Your Water Heater

Two different upgrades can improve the efficiency of your water heater. Tankless units are becoming more popular, since these systems use much less energy than traditional water heaters. Instead of heating sitting water, a tankless unit instantly heats the water when you turn on the faucet.

If you prefer a more traditional water heater, make sure your next one is energy-efficient. Replacing your older water heater with a new, energy-efficient model can make a big difference on your energy bills. 

Install a Leak Detection Device

An undetected leak in your home could waste thousands of gallons of water and cause you to have to pay a lot of money on your water bill. Not all leaks are obvious to everyone. A toilet may constantly run in a basement without anyone realizing it.

You could also have a pipe burst while you’re out of town and not know it until you return. To avoid these situations, install a home leak monitoring device that will send an alert when to detects a leak, helping to keep a small problem from turning into a big one. 

If you’re ready to make plumbing improvements in your home, we’re the professional plumbers to call. Contact Bodine-Scott at (361) 883-9900 to schedule an appointment with an experienced plumber today. 

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