You depend on your air conditioner to keep your home cool during the balmy summer months in Corpus Christie, TX. Unfortunately, this AC usage involves an increase in power consumption that can get rather pricey at times. Super cooling is a concept designed to cool your whole home by cooling all of the items in it. It has gained interest in recent years as concern for environmental footprints and energy-efficiency has increased in popularity. Leaving your AC system running at the right time of day and the right temperature can help you save money on your utility bills.

What Does Super Cooling Your Home Mean?

Standard cooling methods involve making only the air in your home cooler. Super cooling is a practice of bringing the temperature in your home down at night so your home and everything inside stays chilled throughout the next day.

Your premium duct or ductless air conditioning system won’t need to run during the hottest time of the day. As a result, you’ll keep your energy bills much lower. The cool overall temperature lasts from the previous night. This prevents everything in your home from warming up too quickly, including the indoor air.

How Does It Work?

To super cool your home, run the central air conditioning once the sun has set entirely so it’s not still contributing to the heat index in your home. About an hour or two after sunrise is a good time to turn the AC unit off. Super cooling eliminates warm areas and objects in each room.

Keeping your items cool allows the average air temperature inside your home to remain lower for an extended period, even during the warmer daytime hours. Super cooling the home at night enables all of your objects and surfaces to make the air cool by creating a barrier from the daily rise in temperature.

Can I Automate My System for Super Cooling?

One of the advantages is just how easy it is to super cool your house. You can try super cooling your home for a night or two to see if it’s right for you. It’s best to use a programmable thermostat for reliable control of your system and to allow for automated management.

You can obtain a new thermostat from your qualified professional HVAC company. Our professional HVAC service technicians are happy to install your new thermostat and answer any questions you may have about the super cooling method.

How Efficient is It for Your House?

Super cooling could translate to super savings for you and your family. The savings you’ll see may be rather large, with some people reporting a difference of as much as 50% in some cases. This can be due to a difference in the amount charged for electricity supply at certain times of the year.

As for energy-efficiency in your home, running the air conditioning less could be effective depending on the insulation in your home. As a way of avoiding the costly operation of running your AC unit during peak power usage times, try super cooling your home during off-peak hours instead.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Super Cooling?

If the rate that you pay for power doesn’t change depending on the time of day, there may be no difference or additional savings on utility costs to cool your house during the summer. However, the power costs in most cities increase in the afternoon hours. That makes super cooling at night an effective and efficient way to keep your home cool and your bills down.

Super cooling may be the most effective air conditioning method for you this summer. To learn more about what your options are for finding the perfect climate in your home, contact the professionals at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. today.

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