Considering how long and often cooling systems run in South Texas, it’s not unusual for a few A/C problems to occur. Some issues with your central air conditioner may require professional expertise to fix, while others may be as simple as flipping a switch or changing the air filter. In order to keep your air conditioner in tip top shape, be sure to look out for these common issues:

common A/C problems

  • Condenser/compressor unit (outside) doesn’t turn on. Check the thermostat to verify it’s set to cool and is at a temperature below the room’s air temperature. The circuit breaker or the fuse for the A/C may have tripped or burned out. You may need to contact an HVAC contractor to replace a burned-out fuse, depending on its availability and location inside the outdoor unit.
  • Inadequate cooling. The system runs, but is not putting out enough cold air. This situation often signals that the refrigerant level is low, something that an HVAC technician will have to address. If it is, he or she will repair the leak and refill the system. Only licensed HVAC contractors can handle the refrigerant for cooling systems. If the only time the A/C doesn’t cool adequately is when it’s exceptionally hot, your system may be too small for your home. Improving your home’s attic insulation, closing the window coverings, or curtailing heat-producing activities might help the system catch up. Other possible problems could be a dirty air filter or leaks in the duct system.
  • Unit starts and stops quickly. This is an A/C problem you may be able to fix. The outdoor condensing unit may be blocked or exceptionally dirty. Clearing away the debris and hosing off the outdoor coil may help. If the coil is clean, the problem could be caused by a dirty evaporator coil inside the indoor air handler. If you can reach it, clean it with a soft cloth. 
  • Unit runs with no cooling. A dirty air filter can slow airflow, which can cause the system to freeze up, as can low refrigerant levels. If changing the filter doesn’t help, you may need to call your contractor.

Our pros at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. can help you with any A/C problems you encounter this summer. We’ve provided exceptional HVAC services for the Corpus Christi area since 1961. 

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