One of the signs of a faulty water heater is leakage, which can be a cause of potential damage to your home in Kingsville, TX. Here are some of the potential dangers of a leaking water heater indicating that it needs repairs:

Risk of Explosion

When the water in the heater reaches its preferred temperature, a properly working water heater will switch off and a safety valve opens to get rid of excess pressure. A malfunction of these two processes is noticeable by water leakage around the heater. Pressure buildup due to overheating causes the excess pressure forcefully through any crack or opening of the tank.

The heater can even explode in some instances, causing injury to anyone close or even fires. Regular water heater maintenance, repair of the pressure valve and setting temperatures of the heaters to recommended levels can help prevent this hazard.

Damage to the Heating Element

A damaged heating element is one of the causes of leakages in your water heater. However, if the leakage isn’t checked in time, the whole heating element will fail. Take care to call a professional to replace the gasket immediately.

Unclean Water

Water heater leakages can cause and increase the rate of corrosion on the pipes that supply water to your house. The corrosion with a deteriorated anode rod causes all the sediments and rust to collect beneath your water tank.

The debris eventually make it to your sink and showers, resulting in contaminated water with dirt and rust. A good indication of this issue is brown water flowing from your taps.

Property Damage

The pools of water that collect on the ground beneath your water heater can cause thousands of dollars in property damage. The standing water destroys floorboards, walls, rugs and the house’s foundation. Pathogens also thrive in such damp areas, which worsen the indoor air quality.

Danger to Personal Safety

If your water heater is near electrical appliances and lines, leakage can cause water to collect near these electric wires and potentially expose you to electrocution. Biological contaminants can also be a health hazard and cause breathing problems to persons with asthma or other allergies.

An efficient water heater eliminates the risk of any danger assuring you of your safety. Contact Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. for excellent water heater repair, maintenance and other plumbing services. We’ll remedy any water heater dangers and give you peace of mind.

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