Whether it’s a clogged drain or a leaky pipe, whatever the plumbing problem, you want to fix it as soon as it is discovered. While you can repair some plumbing issues yourself, other more complex problems are better left to a professional.

Clogged Drain

If your sink or tub is draining slowly or not draining at all, try using a plunger before you do anything else. Most clogs can be resolved with the proper plunger application. If that doesn’t work and you’re comfortable doing it, you can buy a drain snake at the local hardware store, which will dislodge most clogs. However, if plunging and snaking don’t work, it is time to call a professional. You may be tempted to dismantle the plumbing, but you run the risk of damaging parts if you do not have the right tools. The clog might not be where you think it is, or there may be another more serious reason the drain is not working.

Finding a Leak

When water stains start appearing on the ceiling of the downstairs room directly beneath your bathroom, that’s a significant sign of a leaky pipe. Even if you think you know where the leak is coming from, breaking into the drywall to replace it is not something a homeowner should attempt as a DIY project. Taking on this task could lead to very expensive repair.

Water Heater Problems

If your water heater is not providing hot water, there are several possible reasons. Your water heater may be old, or sometimes it is a simple matter of adjusting the thermostat or temperature dial. Beyond that, it is best to contact your plumber who can determine if the heater needs to be drained and flushed. It is possible too, that there could be a leak.

If troubleshooting plumbing problems is not your area of expertise, it is best to contact a professional so that you don’t end up with a more costly problem. Often the goal is to try a quick fix to avoid paying for service, but that doesn’t always work.

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