Knowing what can void an HVAC warranty can save you unpleasant surprises and a hefty repair bill in the unlikely event your Corpus Christi system fails while the warranty is still active. Reading your warranty and paying attention to its provisions will save money and under normal conditions, may prevent problems from developing.

What Can Void an HVAC Warranty?

  • Installation. If your heating or cooling system wasn’t installed by a professional, licensed HVAC contractor, the manufacturer will probably not honor the warranty. These systems are quite complex, and someone without all the licensing, knowledge and tools should not undertake this task. You may save money in the short run, but not having a valid warranty can offset those savings quickly in higher repair costs and reduced operational efficiency.
  • Registration. Homeowners have to register their warranties within a window of time for it to be valid. Most manufacturers make this easy by allowing online registration. The HVAC contractor who installs it can show you how to do so.
  • Off-brand parts. Replacing parts with non-OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts may void the warranty for any particular repair. Your HVAC system’s manufacturer can’t extend a guarantee to parts that their company didn’t make and that don’t meet their specifications or standards.
  • You skip annual maintenance. Not only does not professionally maintaining your system increase energy bills and lower the system’s lifetime, it can void an HVAC warranty. As these systems run, they create vibrations, collect dust and use up lubricating agents that promote wear.
  • The system shows neglect. As a homeowner, you’ll have to provide some maintenance yourself, like keeping the air filter for the air handler clean. A dirty air filter causes many preventable problems with HVAC systems, including premature part failure, higher energy usage, poor indoor air quality and poor air distribution. Similar problems can occur from dirty coils, inside and outside.

The pros at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. can explain what can void an HVAC warranty and help you avoid the situation. We’re a top-rated HVAC company serving the HVAC needs of homeowners in the Corpus Christi area.

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