Gain energy savings and environmentally friendly benefits when you bring solar and wind power solutions to your George West, Texas, home. Today’s solar panels and wind turbines are reliable, efficient, and cost-effective renewable energy sources.

Generating Solar Power

By using solar panels made of many solar cells, you can generate solar power. A semiconductor material such as silicon makes up these solar cells. As sunlight hits the solar cells, electrons jump from the silicon cells into a circuit board, forming an electric current. This photoelectric effect, a way of creating electricity works on sunny as well as cloudy days.

Electric Solar System Design

Modern solar panels are typically only a few micrometers thick, and you can install them on your rooftop as shingles or tiles. An installer can connect multiple panels to form a solar array to generate electricity for your home.

Most solar panels and arrays can last 30 years or more, making them a long-term investment in your home. You can integrate the solar power systems we install at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. with your current electricity supply without any rewiring.

Solar Energy Savings

Ample sunlight in the Texas area makes this region one of the best places in the country to take advantage of solar power. The amount of solar energy you can generate for your home depends on several factors including:

  • Your home’s orientation toward the sun
  • The amount of shade nearby trees and buildings cast on your property
  • The cloud cover in your area

Solar power can generate savings even if your home is already an energy-efficient space. Home solar systems typically range from one to five kilowatts (kW), with a five-kilowatt system potentially saving you an average of $44 to $187 per month. This can add up to thousands of dollars over the life of your system.

Federal government tax credits encourage the use of solar power, offering 30 percent in tax credits toward the total cost of the system, with no upper limit. You not only save money when you purchase a solar power system, but you’ll also get energy savings in the future as well.

Generating Wind Power

A wind turbine generates clean energy using wind power. When the wind blows, the turbine blades spin around a main rotor connected to a generator to create electricity. This action transfers the mechanical energy of the turning blades into electricity that you can use in your home.

Turbines typically have three blades, and they come in different sizes depending on how much power you want to generate. A five-kilowatt turbine can meet the needs of the average American home.

Wind Power System Design

Wind turbines can reach heights of 30 to 140 feet. The turbine’s blades typically have a width of 18 feet. Consult with an experienced installation firm in your area to help with permitting and zoning.

Since a wind turbine works best when the wind isn’t blocked by buildings, trees, mountains, or hills, you need to consult with an experienced installer to determine whether you can effectively use a wind turbine to generate enough wind power for your home.

Wind Power Savings

A wind turbine can further reduce energy bills by powering your heating system in the winter and your air conditioner in the summer. Many new systems can pay for themselves in as little as five years.

As an incentive to install wind power, the federal government offers an incentive of 30 percent in tax credits for the cost of a wind-powered system. You’ll save money when you install the system, and you can continue to reap benefits well into the future.

At Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co., we have experience installing both solar and wind power systems in George West, Texas, and surrounding communities. To learn about ways we can help you to take advantage of renewable energy sources and make your home a more energy-efficient space, call us today at (361) 883-9900.

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