Did you know that proper landscaping around your Rockport, Texas, home could save you hundreds in energy costs? It’s true! The following tips will help you learn how.

Keep the Air Conditioner Clear

Proper airflow is crucial to energy efficiency, so make sure your air conditioner’s outdoor unit (the condenser) is free from any debris. Keep shrubs, bushes, ivy, and other foliage neatly trimmed around the air conditioner, and consider shading the unit with an awning, fence, or tall plants.

Rethink Vines

Fast-growing climbing plants have a bad reputation for damaging structures, but it’s undeserved. In fact, vines such as English ivy won’t damage intact buildings and instead provide an extra layer of weather-proofing to the home. Vines also grow much more quickly than trees and shrubs, allowing you to cultivate a greener landscape in less time.

Plant Trees

They may take a while to grow, but trees provide the perfect shelter from excessive wind, sun, and cold. When planting a new tree, make sure it’s at least 15 feet from the house but close enough to shade your home from the scorching summer sun. For year-round insulation, plant evergreens.

Cool Down the Patio

Patios, decks, and porches are welcoming on a good summer day, but they also trap heat like nothing else around your house. Prevent these hardscapes from holding onto heat and impacting your home’s energy efficiency by installing adequate shading and using light-colored paints or stains. A partial roof or canopy is perfect for minimizing the sun’s reflection, and lighter shades bounce back heat, helping keep your outdoor spaces pleasant.

Install a Green Roof

An unconventional but highly effective method of reducing your energy costs is to plant a garden on top of your house. These “green roofs” provide shade and extra insulation year-round, so they can substantially reduce your HVAC bills.

Saving money on your energy costs is easy if you know where to start. Call Bodine-Scott at (361) 883-9900 to take advantage of our home energy audits, and HVAC services.

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