Whether you own a home or a business in Rockport, TX, you may be frustrated to find that your utility bill continues to increase on a monthly basis. At Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning, one of the most common concerns that our heating contractors hear from customers is the desire to go green and become more energy efficient. Instead of continuing to spend your hard earned income on utility costs, your heating contractor in Rockport, TX offers these green tips that ensure your comfort yet decrease your residential or commercial energy consumption. 

Preventive Maintenance
When it comes to cost effective ways to go green, preventive maintenance for your heating and air conditioning system deserves the top priority on your to do list. Our heating contractors offer preventive maintenance for home and business owners. Included in our preventive maintenance service packages are air filter replacements, system cleaning and lubrication, a system performance and safety check and verification of system settings and pressure levels. Our preventive maintenance services will restore your system to its peak level of performance for the most efficient heating and air conditioning possible.

Home and Building Improvements
Making some energy efficient improvements around your home or building can save you some green and make your structure more environmentally friendly. Depending on your time and budget, there are many different things you might consider doing.

Small Budgets

  • Caulk around window frames
  • Add weatherstripping to doors
  • Close curtains at night in the winter and during the day in the summer
  • Open curtains during the day in the winter and during the night in the summer

Medium Budgets

  • Install thermal blinds or curtains for windows
  • Increase insulation to the recommended r-value
  • Replace old appliances with Energy Star rated units

Larger Budgets

  • Replace old drafty windows with high performance windows
  • Replace old HVAC systems with modern high efficiency equipment

Energy Efficient Heating and Air Conditioning Systems
After an expected lifespan of 15 years for your heat pump or air conditioning system and 20 years for your furnace, your HVAC equipment will need replacement. When the time comes to replace your HVAC system, be sure to have our heating contractors install the most energy efficient system that fits into your budget. Although highly efficient systems cost a little more to purchase, they quickly pay for themselves as a result of the decreased energy consumption. We carry and install green heating and air conditioning equipment produced by the world’s leading manufacturers and can install your system with efficiency.

When you need some green ideas from a heating contractor in Rockport, TX, our experts are here for you. We offer affordable and efficient solutions that make your home or business more energy efficient and comfortable. Our heating contractors take pride in helping our residential and commercial customers with finding environmentally friendly solutions to achieving and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment. To learn more about our green ideas, services and products for your home or business, all you need to do is give our experts a call.

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