Like anything else, plumbing eventually will wear out, and if you’re living in an older house, you’re probably living on borrowed time. It’s a good idea to regularly inspect pipes that you can see to get an idea of the condition of the whole network of pipes in your Kingsville, Texas, home. If the pipes you see are rusted or corroded, you can bet that the pipes you can’t see are in the same condition or worse. Learn the telltale signs of pipes that have outlived their usefulness, so you can plan for a plumbing upgrade.
plumbing upgrade

Signs of Failing Pipes

  • Stains near pipes, such as on surfaces underneath plumbing, signify a possible leak. Even if the stains appear old, there’s no reason to think it won’t happen again.
  • Inspect pipe tubing for stains, dimples, unusual coloration and other anomalies. Any of these can suggest corrosion. Have a licensed plumber inspect the pipes. The relatively modest service charge will be much less than a plumbing failure if your corroded pipes spring a leak.
  • Look for leaks. Even modest leaks can suggest bigger problems in your home’s plumbing. While you can fix a leak for a small charge, if it’s a sign of a systemic problem in your home’s plumbing, you don’t want to just repair it and forget it. Your home’s network of pipes is likely of the same vintage and material, so if a leak is showing up in one spot, there’s no reason to think it’s an isolated issue.
  • Off-colored water could mean your home’s pipes are deteriorating. Look at the water as it sits in a bathtub after your house has been empty for a week or so. During that time, while the motionless water is sitting in the pipes, it has a chance to absorb the bits and pieces of metal as it rusts and corrodes. If the water looks, brown or yellow, a plumbing upgrade may be just around the corner.

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