Many differences exist between commercial and residential HVAC systems in Corpus Christi, TX. And business owners who have already completed the task of selecting a commercial HVAC system for their building know how overwhelming the process can become. Taking the time to consider a few key points regarding commercial HVAC systems will provide you with the guidance you need to make the correct decision.

How Commercial and Residential Systems Differ

It’s important to understand the factors that separate a commercial HVAC system from one designed for residential use before you begin the search for your business. The first thing you’ll notice is that commercial HVAC systems are larger than those found in homes. The additional size is necessary to facilitate the heating and cooling of much larger spaces. The components and features that compose a commercial heating and cooling system are also more intricate.

Consider Dependability

Dependability is a key factor when buying any HVAC system. But it’s most important if you’re a business owner with thousands of dollars of inventory at stake. System dependability is a critical factor when maintaining the right temperature is necessary to protect your investment.

Dependability is also important in situations where a malfunctioning HVAC system may take a while to notice. Many businesses install units on the roof or other locations out of the way of people who frequent the building.

While these locations protect the system, they also mean that neither you nor your employees see the system daily. A problem with your commercial HVAC system can also go unnoticed when you and your employees leave the building for the weekend. A minor problem with an HVAC system can cause serious damage when left unattended.

Understand Long-Term Cost

A commercial HVAC system is a major purchase that could cost you a substantial amount of money just to buy and have it installed. However, the monthly cost to run the system is another important consideration.

Differences in monthly energy needs for various systems become a more important factor when considering a system to serve your commercial heating and cooling needs. A cheaper HVAC system may seem inviting in the short run but could cost your business dearly over time.

Look at System Efficiency

The efficiency of your HVAC system won’t affect more than just how much you pay for energy each month. It’ll also affect the comfort level your employees and customers experience at your place of business. The work of an employee may begin to suffer if it’s too hot or cold in the work space for an extended amount of time.

You also don’t want customers to leave your business and never return because they associate their visits with discomfort. The good news is that many modern commercial HVAC systems receive high ratings for efficiency. Add-on components are available to provide even higher levels of system efficiency.

Check the Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is a factor that business owners often overlook in search of a new HVAC system. Poor air quality can negatively affect the health of both your employees and customers. The problems caused by poor air quality in your building are worse for individuals who suffer from allergies, asthma or other respiratory issues.

Employees dealing with illnesses rarely work at a level that matches their capabilities. Customers will also decrease the amount of time they spend at your place of business when the air quality inside the building is subpar.

Think About Space and Location

The space that’ll house your new commercial HVAC system is another important consideration. Purchasing a rooftop unit will keep office space clear but may make it difficult to maintain comfort during hot and humid months.

Split systems have demonstrated their effectiveness at controlling temperature and levels of humidity but may decrease the amount of space available for work. A professional will be able to help you with this part of the decision-making process.

Choosing the right commercial HVAC system is vital to your comfort and that of your employees and customers. It’s a good idea to trust in the guidance of a professional when you make this important decision. Call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. when you’re ready to initiate the commercial HVAC installation process.

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