IAQ and remodelingDuring a home remodeling or renovation project, the disruption from tearing out old building material and fixtures can release hazardous substances into the air. Some of these substances are actually contained in new building materials, while other contaminants may have been hidden behind walls or above ceilings all along. Indoor air quality can be seriously compromised during a home remodeling project, making the need to maintain IAQ while remodeling, extremely important.

What Are the Hazards?

Hazardous substances that can be released during a remodeling project, especially in an older home, include asbestos, radon, mold and mildew, lead paint and formaldehyde. These materials can be found near or inside pipes and plumbing, attic and wall insulation, fireproofing materials, flooring, adhesives and paint. When disturbed, some of these materials can become airborne and mix with indoor air, aggravating or triggering a host of health problems.

Remodeling Safety Steps

Every precaution must be taken to ensure you and your household are protected from harmful particulates:

  • It is important to safely remove and dispose of any hazardous substances that are found during a remodeling project. Check to see if any existing materials are labeled as having asbestos or other dangerous materials, and whether the label includes instructions for removal.
  • If any mold or mildew is exposed during the remodeling project, take steps to remove it and clean the area. If there is a source of moisture nurturing the mold, address that issue, too.
  • When installing new fixtures and products or applying finishes, be careful that paints, stains, varnishes and thinners are only used in a well-ventilated space, and instructions for use and storage are followed. Keep windows open and fans operating where practical.
  • Seal off vents and registers to keep pollutants out of your ductwork and HVAC system during remodeling.

For more tips on maintaining optimum IAQ while remodeling your Corpus Christi home, check out Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co.’s ventilation and indoor air quality solutions, or call us at (361) 883-9900.

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