Knowing how to adjust a toilet fill valve to the proper tank level can save you real money in reduced water waste. A maladjusted toilet valve may send two gallons of water per minute down the overflow tube and spontaneously start and stop at all hours of the day. The maintenance procedure to adjust a toilet fill valve on the most models involves these simple, straightforward steps.

How to Adjust a Toilet Fill Valveroyal toilet

  1. Turn off the toilet water supply at the valve on the wall behind the toilet, then flush the toilet to empty the tank.
  2. Push the float cup upward with your right hand and keep it lifted by holding on to the gray or black float cup shaft. Don’t release the cup or let it drop back to its original position.
  3. Grasp the top cap with your left hand and twist the cap and the lever arm 1/8 of a turn counterclockwise. This unlocks the cap and allows you to lift it off the main valve body.
  4. Pull the rubber refill hose off the fill valve nipple.
  5. Rotate the upper body of the valve counterclockwise to raise the level of water in the tank or clockwise to lower the water level. You’ll hear the valve clicking as it’s rotated; this is normal. Each full 360-degree rotation of the valve body raises or lowers the water level 1/2 inch.
  6. After the desired number of rotations to adjust the water level, press fit the rubber refill hose back on the fill valve nipple.
  7. Replace the top cap on the valve assembly. Align the lever arm with the tab next to the refill tube. Press the cap down and rotate it clockwise 1/8-turn to lock it in place.
  8. Turn the water supply valve on and check the water level. Fine-tune the level by adjusting the metal water level adjustment clip or rotating the screw adjustment rod on the front of the float cup.

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