You can reduce your home’s utility bills and help the environment by saving water. Using less water can extend your septic system’s life or help keep your local sewer rates low. You can also save electricity or gas by lowering your hot water use. Conserve water in Alice, Texas, by using efficient fixtures, upgrading your appliances, and repairing leaks.

Use Efficient Fixtures

Add aerators to your faucets to conserve water. These add air to the water to make your water pressure seem higher without increasing your actual usage. Some faucet aerators for kitchens have multiple settings, and they can swivel to make washing dishes easier.

You can also choose a low-flow shower head. A valve to turn off the water in the shower while preserving a comfortable temperature is available as well. That way, you won’t have to keep the warm water running all the time to stay comfortable.

Upgrade Your Appliances

Adding a dishwasher will pay for itself over time through water and energy savings. Washing your dishes by hand actually uses more water than an efficient dishwasher. You don’t even need to rinse the dishes before you load a newer model. Dishwashers with two drawers can take care of a smaller load in just one compartment or a larger amount in both. That way, you can wash a few dishes without wasting power or water. For similar reasons, you should also look for an efficient washing machine.

Repair Any Leaks

You should regularly check for leaks that could waste water. Look underneath all your sinks, inside crawlspaces, and around appliances that use water. A leaky pipe or a running toilet could waste hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water every year. If you notice any issues, make sure you schedule a professional plumber to take a closer look and repair them.

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