While water is one of the most crucial commodities in your home, it can become a great enemy if it goes to the wrong places. A leaky pipe at your home in Port Aransas, TX, can potentially damage your furnishings or structure. While some leaks are easy to find, others are a bit hard to identify. Therefore, you’ll need to call a professional to access and fix your plumbing system.

Damaged Flooring

Well-fixed floors rarely experience water damage. But if you notice some cracking, staining or buckling, it could be a sign of hidden leaky pipes.

Similarly, wet spots, soft flooring and loose tiles could indicate water lurking under the surface. Regardless of the issue, you’ll want to ensure all the water pipes direct water to the right places.

Ceiling Stains

Ceiling stains mostly occur as a result of an internal leaky pipe. Prolonged leaks can weaken or damage the beams, which might lead to sagging ceilings. If you start noticing sagging ceilings or dark and brown stains, you should quickly find a professional to help fix the problem.

Musty Smell

Accumulation of old water in one place generates musty smells. Therefore, if after cleaning your bathroom you still have musty smells, chances are you have a hidden leaky pipe. You may need to inspect your entire plumbing system to see if there are any leaks.

High Water Bills

If you suddenly start paying unexpectedly high water bills and can’t remember changing your water usage, check for any hidden leaks. It could also help to find a professional to help inspect and repair your piping system.

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