When you’re shopping for a new air conditioning system, consider all the costs of a new cooling system, not just the so-called “first cost,” what it costs to purchase and install the system. Lifetime costs of an air conditioning upgrade also should be considered, since in most cases, this is a more important factor both for your pocketbook and home comfort.

First Costs

In most cases, if the purchase and installation of your new A/C falls at the low end of the price spectrum, you’ll end up paying higher lifetime costs for an air conditioning upgrade. Over the lifetime of a central A/C system, the costs will far exceed whatever discount you paid upon first buying and installing a cheaper system.

Lifetime Costs

A quality A/C system will cost more at the outset, but being made of more durable and stronger materials with better craftsmanship will likely last years longer than the discount A/C. Buying a cheaper brand probably will result in more service calls over the life of your air conditioner, which means higher lifetime costs.

When you pay more for a central A/C of a respected brand, the higher price usually gets better energy efficiency, as measured by the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). The higher an air conditioner’s SEER, the more efficiently it will cool your home. Look for a central A/C with a SEER of at least 16. When more electricity is being converted into cooling, your monthly energy bills will be lower. The accumulated savings over time should pay for the extra cost at purchase long before the A/C’s life span is over.

Another first cost that can pay substantial dividends over your A/C’s service life is proper professional installation. A quick and shoddy installation, without proper sizing for your particular home, will result in an A/C that never reaches its intended efficiency level and may not provide balanced cooling in your home.

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