Almost every homeowner will experience a plumbing emergency at least once in their lives. And since such a situation is inevitable, the best thing you can do is learn how to protect your home in such an event. If you ever encounter a water leak, stick to the following tips to safeguard your Mathis, TX, residence:

Cut Off the Water Supply

In the event of a water leak, you should turn off the nearest water source. However, if it’s a serious plumbing emergency or flood, you may need to shut off your home’s main water valve. You can close most valves by turning them clockwise.

Deal With Minor Leaks

If you identify a small leak that you can fix, by all means do so. Have plumber’s tape nearby for such problems, use towels and rugs to slow the leak and also place a bucket when applicable beneath leaks to prevent water damage. Note the location of all leaks and inform plumbers as soon as they come. This will help them tackle your issues in the most efficient and safest manner possible.

Inspect the Water Heater

During major plumbing emergencies, turn off your water heater to prevent damage. However, shut off the main valve beforehand to avoid internal heat buildup, which might cause it to explode or overheat. If you suspect damage or notice any water heater problems, contact a professional before turning it back on.

Call a Professional Plumber

During a crisis, many people forget to contact a plumber immediately. The benefit of calling early is that you will get some insight into how best to handle the situation while minimizing harm. Ensure you comply with whatever advice they give you, even if it means evacuating your house.

As with any situation, preparation is key. Fortunately, with these steps, you can better deal with water leaks when they occur. If you ever encounter any plumbing problems within Mathis, TX, and the surrounding areas, contact Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning & Plumbing Co. for prompt plumbing services.

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