Fall in Corpus Christi may actually feel more like summer. When some states are getting ready to use their heating systems, we are still trying to get the most out of cooling. It’s still not too late to try to save on cooling your Corpus Christi home. Now is a great time to conduct a home energy audit. While you can do some of it yourself, don’t skip out on calling a professional. A thermographic inspection is a part of your auditor’s assessment, and not something the average homeowner is likely to do.

What Is a Thermographic Inspection?

When a professional contractor conducts a home energy audit, he or she will most likely include a thermographic inspection. This type of inspection uses infrared video and photographs to determine how the heat is distributed throughout your home. Thermographic inspections can be done both externally and internally. Your contractor will probably conduct one while running a blower door test to determine any air or heat leakages in your home’s envelope.

When you get a thermographic inspection, you should have one done on both the exterior and interior to determine how well your insulation is reducing heat transfer inside your home.

Why Are They Necessary?

You may notice that one room in your house is considerably colder or hotter depending on the season. This could result from factors including air leaks, the location of the room, or the amount of insulation. The energy audit and thermographic inspection will help you to identify sources of energy waste. Though Corpus Christi stays temperate during fall and winter, you don’t want any of your heat escaping on colder days. A thermographic inspection will help you to figure out any areas that could benefit from added insulation, weatherstripping, or other energy-saving upgrades.

Thermographic inspections don’t just detect where heat is escaping, either. They also detect things like roof leaks, since wet insulation conducts heat differently than dry insulation.

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