Losing the air conditioner in the middle of the night can be a hassle during a hot Kingsville, Texas, summer. When your AC breaks down after normal business service hours, it’s nice to know you have a few options to stay cool until the unit can be repaired.

Use the Freezer to Cool Down

While it’s not a good idea to stand in front of an open freezer door to cool down due to energy waste, you can utilize your freezer to get some much-needed relief from the heat. Wrap your sheets in plastic, or place them in a large freezer bag, and put them in the freezer for a few minutes before bedtime. You’ll have delightfully cool sheets that can offer a brief respite from the oppressive heat and humidity.

Create a Cross-Breeze

It’s always a smart idea to keep portable fans handy, just in case you’re faced with the AC going out at night. Portable fans, including floor and desk fans, can be positioned in such a way that they create a cross-breeze right where you need it. Position your fan to make the wind-chill effect even stronger. And don’t forget to take advantage of your ceiling fans.

Crack the Windows

Opening a window on a hot Texas night may seem counterintuitive, but if you have a fan in the room, it will actually help to improve air circulation. Just be sure to keep the windows closed until the cool air already inside the home has dissipated. If you do open the windows at night, you should close them in the early morning and draw the curtains before the daytime heat can creep back in.

Limit Use of Heat-Producing Appliances

Using the dryer or oven will create excessive heat in the home, adding to your dilemma. Try to avoid using these appliances or do so as late in the day as possible when it might be a bit cooler. You can cook food outside on the grill instead of using the oven or the stove. It’s likely that you will only need to stop using these appliances for a single night until you can get the AC serviced.

Get Out of the House

As a last resort, when the heat is unbearable and you can’t get enough relief for a good night’s sleep, it may be worth it to leave the house and check into a motel or crash at the home of a friend or relative. This is a smart option if for some reason you cannot receive immediate service. You can easily put your health in jeopardy by remaining in a hot home.

Use a Mini Portable AC Unit

If you plan ahead for worst-case scenarios, you can invest in a mini portable air conditioning unit that can cool down the rooms that matter most. Portable air conditioners don’t perform as well as central AC units, but you’ll still get enough relief to keep you comfortable until the main unit can be repaired.

Stay Low to the Ground

Heat rises, so if you have a multi-story home, skip trying to sleep in the upstairs bedroom and crash on the couch instead. Alternatively, the whole family can have a sleepover on the living room or basement floor. If you’ve created a nice cross-breeze in the living room from the ceiling and portable fans, it could tide you over until your technician arrives.

Take Advantage of 24-Hour AC Repair Services

When your AC goes out at night, why wait for normal service hours? Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Company offers 24-hour AC repair services in the Corpus Christi area, so your unit can be repaired at any time. Just contact us when you first notice the problem, and an on-call technician will have the unit repaired to restore service as quickly as possible.

Don’t suffer through another stifling Texas night. Call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. at (361) 883-9900 for all your AC repair and servicing needs.

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