Although Corpus Christi, Texas, doesn’t experienced long periods of freezing temperatures, it seems residents still tend to get sick more in winter. Although people attribute being cold to getting a cold, the real reason is more complicated.

Staying Warm

People are more prone to getting sick in the winter, but it’s not necessarily in the way that you think. When it’s cold outside, it’s natural for people to want to stay indoors. Unfortunately, our homes, offices, and schools all increase our chances of getting sick. Staying indoors means you have an increased opportunity to contact germs. You also tend to breathe more recycled air. If the air filters aren’t replaced, or the ducts aren’t cleaned in your home or other buildings, that recycled air can increase sickness during the winter as well.

Low Humidity in Winter

During the winter, even in Texas, the change in humidity affects your body. Low humidity can lead to sleep problems, dry skin, and affect your sinuses. Consider using a humidifier in the winter if you notice any of these conditions developing in your home. You may want to invest in a humidity tester in your home. This affordable option helps to make sure your home isn’t too humid in the summer or too dry in the winter, and helps to support a healthy environment in the home.

Lack of Ventilation

Fortunately, in Corpus Christi, Texas, it’s possible to open the windows at times during the winter. When your home isn’t ventilated, germs and bacteria can grow and spread increasing your chances of getting sick. Use your kitchen and bathroom ventilation systems, and open up the windows when the winter weather is milder. The more fresh air you have cycling through your home, the more you increase your chances of fighting off illness.

If you are worried about your family getting sick this winter, Bodine-Scott can help to make sure that your HVAC system isn’t a culprit. Call (361) 883-9900 to speak with an experienced professional today.

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