A rock-solid furnace can keep your home in Rockport, TX, feeling comfortable throughout the cooler months. A faulty one, on the other hand, can lead to discomfort, distress and uncertainty all around. If you notice your furnace dripping water persistently, it likely has a problem that needs prompt repair work. Read on to learn more.

You Have a Clogged Filter

Firstly, a clogged filter may be the reason your furnace is dripping water all over your floors. This situation can decrease airflow via your coil. It can initially bring on the freezing of the coil.

Filters that have obstructions can experience limitations with the flow of air. These limitations can in many situations bring on the emergence of water.

You Have a Humidifier Leak

There are many furnaces out there that come with humidifiers of their own. A humidifier clog or internal leak can lead to the accumulation of water close to the unit. Humidifiers, in a nutshell, are devices that require water as a means of establishing humidity.

Water perpetually travels into humidifiers. It perpetually drains out from them as well. This occurs as humidifiers introduce vital moisture to indoor spaces.

You Have a Drain Pan Leak

Finally, it can be problematic for water to linger for too long inside of the pan that’s under the coil. That’s because it can lead to the emergence of openings and rust. That’s how it can lead to water drainage that can pave the way for persistent furnace leaking.

Are you fed up with a furnace that’s dripping water mysteriously and incessantly? If your response is yes, you can request furnace repair assistance from us. Call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. as soon as you can to ask questions and set up an appointment for our five-star professional furnace repair service.

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