It’s normal for variable-speed heat pumps to run continuously. These systems maintain comfortable temperatures at all times rather than supplying cold or hot air and shutting down. On the other hand, if your single-stage heat pump runs without taking breaks to heat or cool your Corpus Christi, TX, home, there’s a problem. Let’s discuss why your single-stage heat pump runs constantly.

Setting Your Thermostat Too High

Some homeowners crank up their thermostats when they return home from work, hoping the system will supply warm air quickly. Unfortunately, setting your thermostat too high doesn’t affect how quickly the system works. Therefore, consider using your usual temperatures to avoid overworking it.

If you want to come home to a comfortable indoor environment, you can switch to a smart thermostat. You can input your preferred temperatures on the device using a smartphone a few hours before you come home to give the heat pump enough time to regulate your indoor temperatures.

Dirty Outdoor Condenser Unit

The condenser unit is the outdoor part of your heat pump. It relays heat from your living space to the environment during summer and moves heat from the environment to your home during winter.

Dust and debris may build up on this unit with time, making it difficult for the component to release or absorb heat efficiently. When you schedule maintenance services, a service technician will clean this component and other parts to keep your system working efficiently.

Undersized Heat Pump

An undersized system doesn’t have sufficient capacity to meet your indoor temperature needs. As a result, it runs without taking breaks, trying to achieve the temperatures on the thermostat. Do away with an undersized system and invest in a model that matches your home’s temperature needs.

You should not ignore a heat pump that runs constantly, as the issue inflates your energy bill and causes your system to break down often. Call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning & Plumbing Co. for outstanding heat pump services. Our service technicians will find and repair the issue causing your system to run continuously.

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