Whether you just installed a tankless water heater or you’ve used one for years, you always want to get hot water as the demand arises. Like any mechanical device, tankless water heaters will experience issues over time. As a result, they will have trouble delivering hot water on demand. The following are reasons your tankless water heater in Ingleside, TX, may fail to work.

Overloading the System

By design, tankless water heaters perform best when fewer taps are running simultaneously. If you run multiple taps at once, you’ll overwork the system, impacting its efficacy. Every tankless water heater can only match up to certain hot water production demands.

If you turn on your tankless water heater and it doesn’t generate hot water, it may mean you’re overworking it. You can have it working when few people are using the hot water or size your system to meet your home’s hot water demand. For quality installation services, hire an expert to evaluate, recommend and install top-notch water heaters.

Problematic Ignition

When a tankless water heater’s ignition fails, the whole system will, too. Ignition problems result from low propane gas supply, unopened valves, failed ignition pack and mechanical issues. It’s not easy for the ordinary homeowner to identify an ignition problem, so always consult with your water heater service technician whenever your water heater fails.

Old Age

The predicted useful life of tankless water heaters is 20 years, but not every system will last that long as care and maintenance play a fundamental role in determining its durability. If you’ve used your water heater for more than 15 years, it’s likely going to fail. Heaters that have lasted that long will often have rusting issues, bad heating elements and other age-related problems.

If you wake up to a failing water heater, contact Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co. for prompt and reliable repair and maintenance services. Our team of experts has years of experience and is happy to assist and answer any questions.

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