When your furnace in Portland, TX, is shutting down sooner than it should, it’s called short-cycling. If you experience this problem, it could leave you shivering in a cold home. Let’s explore possible reasons your furnace won’t stay on, including overheating, having a bad thermostat or being too large for your home.

Overheating Furnace

Short-cycling often occurs when a component overheats, causing the heating system to shut down as a safety measure. For example, restricted airflow will cause the motor to overheat, as it must work harder to circulate air. A dirty filter or an obstructed intake vent can create such a restriction.

Another possibility is that dirt and dust have entered the furnace and coated the heat exchanger. That layer of debris is holding in heat and likely causing the part to overheat.

Uncalibrated Thermostat

Your furnace may shut down before it reaches the set point because the thermostat thinks it has already reached it. This can happen when the sensor inside the thermostat has lost its calibration. Our maintenance service technicians can easily calibrate it as part of a tuneup, resulting in more accurate readings of the indoor temperature.

Oversized Heating System

Furnaces blow air at a specific capacity, fitting them for spaces of a certain size. If your furnace has too great a blowing capacity, it’ll heat your home too rapidly to be effective or efficient.

With an oversized furnace, you may notice differences in temperature between rooms. There’s no solution to this other than installing a correctly sized furnace.

Available 24/7 for Emergencies

If your furnace is short-cycling in Portland, TX, call Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning & Plumbing Co. for the appropriate repair. Though we’re a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we service on all makes and models. Our service technicians are NATE-certified and undergo continual training. We belong to the Air Conditioning Contractors of America and have an A+ rating with the BBB.

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