Are all of the rooms of your home occupied all of the time? Probably not. So, why cool and heat all the rooms when it’s not necessary? If you’ve got a one-zone home, find out how HVAC zoning systems give you total control over comfort and energy bills.
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What’s a Zoning System?

The usual Corpus Christi home is cooled and heated by one central forced-air system controlled by one thermostat. This means that all of the rooms are conditioned at the same time whether or not it’s needed. A zoning system is a network of automatic duct dampers that regulates airflow to each zone of the home. Thermostats in each zone engage the duct doors to allow or prohibit airflow (i.e. open and close). Zoning systems can easily be adapted to your current HVAC system, a replacement or new installation.

Is Your Home Made For Zoning?

Many homes are appealing for beautiful architecture and design attributes, and not necessarily designed for energy efficiency and free airflow. However, even tightly sealed homes often have airflow issues due to the fact that warmer air always rises above cooler air. If your home has any of the following characteristics, it may have been made for zoning:

  • Homes with open spaces and windows, such as high cathedral ceilings, lofts and expansive glass.
  • Homes with multiple levels, including retrofitted attic and basement spaces.
  • When household members or rooms, such as a home office, require different temperatures.

Total Comfort, Energy Savings

Zoning systems give you the ability to cool and heat individual zones as you please any time of day or night. This has the potential to save energy, lessen wear and tear on HVAC components and provide comfort when and where you like. For instance, you can enjoy air conditioning in the bedrooms at night, condition a home office, or adopt any zonal control that fits your routine without cooling or heating the entire home at once.

To see how zoning systems can benefit your Corpus Christi area home, please contact us at Bodine-Scott Air Conditioning Co.

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